Rachel Griffiths, Sally Field and Calista Flockhart,<EM> Brothers & Sisters</EM> Rachel Griffiths, Sally Field and Calista Flockhart, Brothers & Sisters

When we first met the Walkers back in September, it was like watching home videos: They reminded us of our own relatives, but with 10 times the drama and wittier banter. Here, we've got the inside scoop on the twists and turns coming up on ABC's Brothers & Sisters (Sundays at 10 pm/ET). Just make sure to check your issues at the door — the Walkers already have plenty to go around.

Nora Holden Walker (Sally Field)
Who she is:
After suddenly losing her husband, William, to a heart attack and then discovering he had a mistress, Nora's become the ultimate meddling mom.
What's coming up: "Nora's defined herself as a wife and a mother for 40 years and now it's time for her to rediscover herself," says executive producer Greg Berlanti. "By the end of the year she'll figure out what she wants." A new man, perhaps?

Kitty Walker (Calista Flockhart)
Who she is:
A conservative politico, Kitty returned home to Los Angeles to be a pundit on a TV show. But now she's moved on to a new job — and a new relationship — with Sen. Robert McCallister (Rob Lowe).
What's coming up: Though we'll continue to see Kitty prosper in her career, love is also high on her agenda. "Kitty's going to have a real romance with the senator," says series creator Jon Robin Baitz. (Baitz writes a celebrity blog for TVGuide.com.) "He's a bit of a soul mate for her." So does that mean we can look forward to a wedding during May sweeps? Says Baitz, "Let's go through the fun of the chase first!"

The Whedons: Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson), Sarah (Rachel Griffiths), Gabe (Tyler Posey), Cooper (Maxwell Perry Cotton) and Paige (Kerris Lilla Dorsey)
Who they are: Sarah, the eldest of the Walker kids, became president of the family's produce company, Ojai, when her father died. Her husband, Joe, is a stay-at-home dad who takes care of their diabetic daughter, Paige, their son Cooper and occasionally Gabe, his son from a previous marriage.
What's coming up: Think "war on the home front": "There will be some roller-coaster rides for Sarah's family," Baitz says. "There's a discrepancy between where Sarah and Joe are in their lives — she's a working mother who's trying to do everything, and he has a different pace to his life. That's going to become a more pointed issue."

Justin Walker (Dave Annable)
Who he is:
The baby of the family, Justin's been battling with drugs and alcohol ever since he returned from Afghanistan. Things only got worse when he received a letter from the army calling him back to duty in Iraq.
What's coming up: The big question is, will Justin go off to war? "I think it's doubtful we'll postpone it twice," Berlanti says. "It's the reality of his character's situation." And Annable's OK with that — sort of. "At first I was excited, but then I was like, ‘Wait, didn't they kill [Ian Somerhalder] off Lost in the first season?' This could suck."

Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys)
Who he is:
The most levelheaded Walker when it comes to family matters, he's less together when it comes to romance. Though Kevin's out of the closet, he's not always comfortable with his sexuality.
What's coming up: "The personal aspects of Kevin's life take over more of his story line," Rhys says. Though he'll continue to date closeted soap star Chad (Sex and the City's Jason Lewis) for a few more episodes, Baitz says Kevin "will get his heart broken. But he's going to be learning how to love, and there will be real surprises there."

Saul Holden (Ron Rifkin)
Who he is: Nora's brother, Saul, helps run Ojai. Despite his loyalty, he went against the family when he pursued a relationship with William's mistress, Holly (Patricia Wettig).
What's coming up: Get ready for more Saul/Holly/Nora drama. "There will be more collisions and confrontations, and it will come to a head," Baitz says. "We're moving toward a climactic season finale with big cliff-hangers as far as the future of the family."

Tommy Walker (Balthazar Getty) and wife Julia (Sarah Jane Morris)
Who they are:
First, Tommy is passed over for the CEO title, and then he finds out he's sterile. Julia was artificially inseminated with sperm from both Justin and Kevin and may have a baby before the end of the season.
What's coming up: "Holly's going to imply to Tommy that his dad had much bigger plans for him before he passed away, and Tommy's going to have to deal with those revelations," Berlanti says. "Tommy and Julia discover that they might not be having only one child. I'm not going to say 10, but I'm not going to say one." And if that's not enough, Julia's pregnancy isn't going to be easy. This is Brothers & Sisters, after all.

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