Adelaide Kane and Amy Brenneman Adelaide Kane and Amy Brenneman

Marie de Guise (Amy Brenneman) has more on her mind than a tender reunion with daughter Mary (Adelaide Kane) when she comes to France in the March 6 episode of the CW drama Reign. She's determined to secure her child's union with Francis — and the alliance between Scotland and France that comes with it — despite Nostradamus's pesky prophecy that the marriage will result in Francis's death.

"Marie does not believe in prophecy or magic," say Brenneman. "I sweep in like a friend doing an intervention, saying, 'What the F is going on? Stop listening to magicians! Let's get this show on the road.'"

While Brenneman, who's married to Reign executive producer Brad Silberling, relished working with her husband, she wasn't as crazy about the period costumes. "I always have such slouched posture, so I thought, 'I'll wear a corset.' That lasted a day. I was like, 'Oh, my God, this is horrible. I'm an actress, so I'll just pretend to wear one!'" 

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