Regis & Kelly Regis & Kelly

As Live! With Regis and Kelly (check local listings) heads out to Vegas this week, the hosts reveal their big party plans for Sin City. 

TV Guide Magazine: What are you looking forward to most? Showgirls?
Regis: I got one sitting next to me. That's all the showgirl I can handle in one week!
Kelly: That is so sweet! Except maybe he's talking about [exec producer Michael] Gelman. I'm not sure.

TV Guide Magazine: Plan on doing any gambling?
Regis: Yeah, I like to play. It's always fun to walk up to a table, throw a few bucks down and see what happens.
Kelly: I don't like spending money and not getting anything in return, so I like the shopping. And I love the food.

TV Guide Magazine: Sounds like you're excited, Kelly.
Kelly: I really am. I love Las Vegas. Mark and I eloped there.

TV Guide Magazine: That was while you were on All My Children, when you were, like, 10, right?
Kelly: Yeah, we were 10. You only need to be 10 to get married in Vegas. I love it. 

TV Guide Magazine: Any big guests for Vegas week?
Regis: Jimmy Kimmel always comes over. That's his hometown. Joel McHale, Howie Mandel, Selena Gomez, some dancers from Dancing With the Stars. We'll have Rod Stewart! I mean, what more do you want?!

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