Regina King will return for the third season of ABC's American Crime, but she's also busy with another career: directing. The Emmy winning actress will direct episode 4 of Fox's upcoming baseball drama Pitch.

"I'm excited," she said to at the Television Critics Association gathering Thursday. "I think the thing that's that very cool is that it's baseball... It's my first time directing something sports based. I think it might be interesting to see a female director's perspective on telling that story."

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Pitch centers on the "true story on the verge of happening" of the first woman recruited to play major league baseball. Kylie Bunbury stars as Ginny Baker, starting pitcher for the San Diego Padres.

"Part of your job when coming in as a guest director, you're keeping with tone that's been established but still leaving your signature," King continued. And what is her signature? "I would like to say the acting will be — it's already solid — maybe more clear, fluid maybe? I'm still establishing that as a young director."

King made her television directorial debut in 2013 with an episode of Southland. She has since helmed episodes of The Catch, Scandal and Being Mary Jane.

Pitch premires Sept. 22 on Fox.