The Red Road The Red Road

He didn't survive long on Game of Thrones, but Jason Momoa lives on in The Red Road, a new Sundance Channel drama (premiering in early 2014). The former Khal Drogo stars as Native American ex-con Phillip Kopus, who's "not really accepted by his people," Momoa says. Fresh out of prison, he returns to his community and discovers that someone from a neighboring town has committed a crime against his tribe and is trying to cover it up.

That's where Momoa's wife, Lisa Bonet, comes in for four of the drama's six episodes, TV Guide Magazine can exclusively reveal. Bonet plays Sky Van Der Veen, a lawyer who represents the tribe; Phillip uncovers information that gives him the upper hand over the police working against her. Will the two join forces in more ways than one? "They have a connection, but he's a very complicated man," Momoa says, "so those complexities won't allow him to open up and love."

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