It's not easy to admit when i'm wrong, so instead, i'll say simply, "Damn you, Fox — you got me!!" That 24 spoiler I accused Fox entertainment president Gail Berman of slipping into yet another commercial turned out to be, as loyal "Entertainment News" follower Lauren put it, "slightly misleading and not such a big deal, kind-of sort-of." (My favorite comment came from Rion, who wrote in this morning to say, "Ooooh. You were wrong about the promo. That must suck." It doesn't feel good, Rion. It doesn't feel good.) Alright, so I jumped the gun on this one — but it's not like my knee-jerk reaction wasn't justified (cue Exhibits A through S). Still, props to Berman for using her network's promo machine for good instead of evil — this time.