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Gregory Itzin, nominated for his guest stint as former President Logan on 24, told TV Guide Magazine he's joining Big Love as a senator who's trying to suss out Bill Henrickson. "I've only worked with Bill Paxton and that may be the case throughout," says the actor, who's so far committed to five episodes as Paxton's nemesis. "By saying 'I'm a polygamist' [Henrickson] gums up the works — it's inappropriate behavior. It's also irresponsible because he didn't say it before he ran. So I call him to task about that."

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Elizabeth Mitchell, who was attempting to stay cool on the carpet with a hand held V fan, enjoyed her nomination with zero expectations to bring home of a trophy for her role as Juliet on Lost. "To be nominated feels like winning," she says. "I saw who I was nominated with and you know what Sesame Street song, 'One of these things are not like the other'? That's me!" Mitchell also previewed a big moment in V's season premiere when a V is revealed. "I think everyone will see so much in that one, they'll have an incredible idea what [a V] looks like." And she'd love to see Faye Grant from the original make an appearance. "She's probably too young to be my mother, but how about a younger sister? Erica needs a family!"

Modern Family's Rico Rodriguez teased a first date for his character Manny in the hit sitcom's second season. "I haven't read the script yet, but Steve [Levitan, co-creator] said it's going to happen — so hopefully soon."

Rich Sommer from Mad Men was tight-lipped as usual about he upcoming plotlines on the AMC show, but did say, "This season is about consequences and you will see things come to head that have been building for the last three years." And for those wanting to see more Betty Draper in the remaining episodes, Sommer promises, "she will be around."

Mike O'Malley, nominated for his role as Kurt's father on Glee, told TV Guide Magazine he had not seen Britney Spears on set, but previewed more emotional scenes between himself and his on-screen son in Season 2: "We shot one episode, it was yet another heartbreaking scene between myself and Chris Colfer. I think what we're going to see this year is the evolution of their relationship. I accept the situation [with Kurt's sexuality], but I'm also a little unsure about this." Although we haven't seen O'Malley break into song yet, he knows exactly what he'd like to belt out. "Bruce Springsteen," he says without a moment's hesitation, and he thinks it could happen. "[Exec producer] Brad Falchuck absolutely adores Bruce Springsteen and he's an instrumental part of the success of this show." Move over, Britney!

Seth Green, who presented his own Emmy award for Outstanding Short-Format

Animated Program, told us that next season of Robot Chicken has more amazing guest stars lined up. "We had Kevin Bacon come on," said Green. "That's been my favorite of the year. In one sketch he plays God. In another sketch, he plays Ren from Footloose." And fellow newlyweds Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox are also making a cameo. "We have a really cute sketch that is about the notion of make-up, break-up couples being destined for each other. And then it turns into a Masterpiece Theater retrospective. It's just very silly."

But anyone expecting to find out who the judges are on the next season of American Idol were sorely disappointed. Ryan Seacrest joked, "They are in the car, getting out of the limo, they'll be out in a minute," but offered no other hints. So You Think You Can Dance's Mia Michaels, the winner of the Emmy for Outstanding Choreography, told TV Guide Magazine that she's not worried about having to share Idol's returning EP Nigel Lythgoe. "He's a superhero. He's a genius producer and he loves to change it up, he loves to move things around, and he's excellent at what he does. My only concern is that I hope he takes lots of vitamins!"

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