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You may think dressing up for the red carpet is simple for male celebrities, but for the many leading men who are vertically challenged (not that there's anything wrong with that) many details must be addressed to make them seem, well, taller — and without "over-peacocking." [See No. 5]

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Alan Au of Beverly Hills designer clothing store Jimmy Au's — for men 5-feet-8-inches and shorter — shares his seven dos and don'ts for the shorter man:

1. Choose a style that best fits your body type. If you have broad shoulders or a robust midsection, the current skinny style will only make you look shorter and rounder, so go with a more traditional cut. But if you have a slimmer build, the trim styles can actually make you look taller.

2. Give peaked lapels a try. A moderate peak can help bring attention up to the neck and shoulders and away from a robust midsection. Skinny peaked lapels work well for slim builds. But beware of peaked lapels that are too big, which will make you look smaller than you are.

3. Choose a shorter collar. A taller collar will make you look shorter because you have no neck showing. And make sure the width of your bowtie is proportional to your face. If it's too narrow, your head looks like a balloon. If it's too wide, you look like a clown.

4. Make sure you wear short-rise pants. The waist should sit naturally at your waist with the crotch at your, well, crotch. Also, make sure your pant hems only have a slight break and sleeve hems should be just below the wrist bone.

5. Avoid "over-peacocking." Meaning: wearing too many flashy details and adornments. If you must, stick to one, like a unique pocket square, a flashy tie, a contrasting vest, a lapel pin, hobby cuff links or jeweled studs.

6. Don't wear white formal socks. You'll look shorter if everyone's frame of reference is the distance from your collar to your socks.

7. Lastly, and most importantly, have a tailor. He'll check to make sure everything is impeccable, because it's all about the fit and proportion. A good fit will make you look taller, if nothing else.

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