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Consider her Lost and found! As cultural anthropologist Charlotte Lewis on the dearly departed mind-bending ABC drama, Rebecca Mader was done in by a gushing nosebleed following too much time travel. Now, Mader is back from the dead to play the equally mysterious Victoria Morrow on No Ordinary Family in an arc of episodes that kicks off tonight at 8/7c on ABC. We asked the fiery gal for the scoop about her new alter ego.

TV Guide Magazine: How would you describe Victoria?
Mader: She is a British woman who works with Stephanie [Julie Benz] at Global Tech as their VP of human resources, but there's more to her than meets the eye.

TV Guide Magazine: Hmmm. So you're a villain?
Mader: Maybe. There's definitely something unusual about her, which I can't reveal. I work for Dr. King [Stephen Collins], who is the head of Global Tech and the head of all the bad guys, and I can definitely smell some history with both him and the Watcher [Josh Stewart].

TV Guide Magazine: Had you been keeping up with the show?
Mader: I watched the first eight episodes before my first day on set, which is basically what I did when I got Lost.

TV Guide Magazine: What do you still hear from Lost fans about the polarizing finale?
Mader: People will come up and beg me to explain it. In some way, I feel like people's Lost therapist helping them come to grips with what happened. I'll say, "Sit down, we'll have a cup of tea, and I'll try to help you understand."

TV Guide Magazine: What is your hope for Victoria?
Mader: To not get any nosebleeds!

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