Rebecca Black Rebecca Black

Even though it's Friday, we can't even celebrate properly by watching Rebecca Black's "Friday" video online.

Black's lawyers had the video pulled from YouTube, claiming Ark Music Records, the studio Black used to record her song, is trying to capitalize on the young internet star's 15 minutes of fame and had never released the master recordings of "Friday" to her, according to Reuters.

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Black, 13, became an overnight phenomenon after her YouTube video of "Friday" got 7 million hits in just a few days. Two weeks later, it had more than 67 million views, but a combination of harsh criticism (Billboard called the song "straight out of Auto-Tuned hell"), sheer curiosity and schadenfreude may have attributed to that number. Despite the naysayers, the infectious song has inspired a number of covers (notably by Glee and Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon) and countless parodies.

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Until Black's lawyers and Ark Music can reach a resolution over the song, we'll be "Friday"-less for a while. Try to console yourself with this.