Mary Elizabeth Ellis Mary Elizabeth Ellis

As the hilariously unhinged Amy, Mary Elizabeth Ellis puts the "perfect" in Perfect Couples. Tonight, Amy tries to map out a career plan, so we decided it was the perfect time to give Ellis some props for a job well done.

1. She's a dynamo.
Although tiny in stature, Ellis has what Couples exec producer Jon Pollack calls an "explosive" energy. "She has this incredible ability to make her comedy come from small, subtle places, and then the next moment go big and exciting."

2. She's come a long way.
"Amy's maybe who I was in high school," laughs Mississippi native Ellis. "Anything that happens, she says how she feels... and by that I mean she throws things."

3. She's keeping her side job.
Ellis will be back as the bitch-perfect "Waitress" opposite hubby Charlie Day on It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia later this year, but don't bet on ever learning her character's real name. "I think [they don't tell me] just to keep me from getting drunk and being like, 'Sooo, don't tell anybody but...'"

4. She's a triple threat.
She can act, sing (as proven by Amy's multiple musical outbursts) and write. "[Philadelphia costar] Artemis Pebdani and I wrote a show called Mother, May I Dance With Mary Jane's Fist? A Lifetime Original Play. We've done the show in New York and L.A. a couple times."

5. She's no diva.
While the Couples cast is "always cracking each other up," Ellis is cautious about going too far. "I don't want to be the next Mel Gibson-slash-Christian Bale," she says. "Although next season, I plan on screaming at people a lot more."

Perfect Couples airs Thursdays at 8:30/7:30c on NBC.