Admit it - deep inside you knew it was only a matter of time before reality TV swelled so far that the genre got its own award show. Well, that day has arrived. Sort of.

The producers of MTV's The Real World basically created the genre, so it's only fitting that the same group is organizing a special called The Real World Awards Bash: Roast 'Em and Toast 'Em. The show will bring together the roommates from every season to hand out honors in multiple categories, including Best Meltdown, Favorite Love Story and Favorite Season. Categories and nominees will be announced today through Feb. 14 on TRL, and fans can vote at until the end of the month. The awards will be handed out when the special airs Saturday, March 29.

In addition to the awards, the cast members will look back at the most memorable moments from the show's 16-year history, as a buildup to the launch of the 20th season, The Real World: Hollywood, in April. - Adam Bryant