Real World Brooklyn Real World Brooklyn

This is the true story... of a 21-season-old reality show... getting picked up... for yet another four seasons. The Real World.

Yep, it's true. MTV has ordered four more installments of the 17-year-old docudrama, which will make it the network's longest-running series. There will also been four more Real World/Road Rules Challenges.

The Real World: Brooklyn (whose finale episode airs April 1 at 10 pm/ET) has helped deliver MTV's highest-rated Wednesday since the summer of 2007, despite being one of the tamest seasons to date. A sure-to-be-more-debaucherous 22nd season is currently in production in Cancun, Mexico. MTV execs, in a cost-cutting measure, have filled all the hot tubs with tequila to bring together the show's two favorite activities. (No, not really!)

"The Brooklyn cast, especially Ryan, our Iraq war veteran and Katelynn, our transgendered cast member, have demonstrated how this show continues to be as relevant and important to the MTV audience today as it was when it premiered in 1992," said Jon Murray, one of the creators of the show.

Do you think the upcoming Real Worlds will deliver in the ratings? Or should the network start getting real and end it?