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Real Housewives of Atlanta: Andy Cohen Casts Doubt on Phaedra's Return After Lesbiangate

It doesn't look good

Sadie Gennis

After the bomb dropped that Phaedra was the mastermind behind (the problematically titled) Lesbiangate, Real Housewives of Atlantafans have been on the edge of their seats wondering whether the former fan favorite had finally gone too far.

There have been reports of Phaedra's firing, and according to Andy Cohen, Phaedra's future on the show looks pretty grim. "I think we're looking at how Atlanta could shake out with or without Phaedra," the Love Connection host told TVGuide.com. "I think the big question becomes, not what she did -- well, that's part of it -- but how will the women interact with her or will they interact with her anymore. If you have a show about a group of friends and one of them is completely cast out, it's hard to do a show about a group of friends."

Phaedra had been losing ground with many of her co-stars in recent years, but when the fourth part of the Season 9 reunion confirmed that Phaedra had tricked her BFF Porsha into spreading a rumor that Kandi had attempted to drug and rape Porsha, the whole cast united in disgust over what Phaedra had done.

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As to how Cohen knows when a Real Housewives cast is in need for an overhaul, the executive producer said that they listen to viewers and trust themselves.

"We're smart. We go with our gut," he said. "And we also look ahead and say, 'What will this person bring to the show next season? How will this be different or how will it be something interesting to the viewers?'"

We'd be hard pressed to make a strong case for what Phaedra would bring to Atlanta next season. So if we were you, we'd start preparing your "Bye, Ashy!" messages right now.