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Yikes. Just last week, Brooks Ayers was adamant that his ex-girlfriend, Real Housewives of Orange Countystar Vicki Gunvalson believed him when he said he had cancer - despite the fact that she said she felt "duped" in the show's three-part reunion.

Gunvalson's RHOC co-stars expressed doubts that he really did have cancer, particularly when details about his diagnosis and treatment seemed a bit off. (He said, for example, he'd gone from a stage 3 to stage 2, and then later attempted to clarify.) Some flat-out accused him of lying.

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Well, now the story is getting clearer and, unfortunately for Ayers, more clarity isn't making his version of the story look so good. The hospital where he said he was receiving treatment, Los Angeles' City of Hope, has never treated anyone named "David Brooks Ayers" E! reports.

While no one wants to accuse someone of lying about cancer, Ayers' story has raised a lot of eyebrows and, as of now, his rep has yet to comment.

What do you think? Is Ayers making the whole thing up?

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