The Real Housewives franchise has become synonymous with one thing: horrible, disastrous, drama-filled parties. No matter what excuse the ladies use to get together - be it a birthday, a charity or a simple game of Bunco - there's something about the combination of wine and ego that results in yelling, name-calling, table-flipping and worse.

If you've always dreamed of throwing your own Dinner Party From Hell, here are 26 tips that are sure to get the wine (and wine glasses) in the air.

1. Know how to take a compliment

2. Don't be afraid to make a statement with your table setting

3. Make sure to keep the conversation flowing

4. Never listen to the haters

5. Dance like nobody's watching

6. Wine is for throwing, not drinking

7. And if you're out of wine, throw the whole glass!

8. No matter what happens, stay optimistic

9. Know how to make an exit

10. Always be real

11. Have some activities planned

12. Get your date in on the action

13. Don't go to sleep, or else...

14. Curate the perfect guest list

15. Party favors add real class to any event

16. Always have extra wine on hand

17. Name-calling is not only accepted, it's encouraged

18. Charades is a great ice-breaker

19. Be charitable

20. Forget humblebragging. Just straight-up brag

21. Hire strippers for any and all occasions

22. Always invite a medium

23. Confrontation is key

24. Don't let unwanted guests interrupt your good time

25. Value honesty over all else

26. And once you do all that, just sit back and watch the magic happen

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