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Could Hank be sticking around after all?

Ray Romano may return to Parenthood next season, Deadline.com reports.

Romano joined the NBC drama in Season 4 as Hank Rizzoli, the boss and love interest of Sarah Braverman (Lauren Graham). The last we saw of Hank, Sarah had decided to choose him over Mark (Jason Ritter) before Hank announced that he was moving to Minnesota to be closer to his daughter.

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The Everybody Loves Raymond alum, who was a very polarizing figure in the fourth season, could return for roughly 12-15 episodes, on par with the 14 episodes he did last season. Meanwhile, Ritter is a series regular on Fox's Us & Them, which stars Graham's former Gilmore Girls co-star Alexis Bledel.

Do you want Hank to stick around?