Ray Romano at "The Grand" premiere by Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com Ray Romano at "The Grand" premiere by Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com

Some of television's most familiar faces were on hand in Hollywood Wednesday to promote their new poker-themed movie, The Grand. The heavily improvised film profiles six poker players who reach the world famous Grand Championship of Poker.

Cheryl Hines, currently on break from Curb Your Enthusiasm, and Ray Romano play a married couple in the flick and had a very unusual way of preparing for their roles. "Well, we lived together for eight weeks before we started shooting," Hines said, jokingly. As for Curb coming back to television, Hines seemed positive. "Let's just say it's a good possibility," she said.

Romano may also be coming back with his own TNT sitcom. Though he couldn't give many details, the show is "about men in mid-life. It's, 'Write what you know, and write what you cry about.' That's my philosophy," Romano said.

Television funnywoman Estelle Harris, known mainly for her role as George's mom on Seinfeld, got to share some screen time with her former television son Jason Alexander, as both actors had roles in The Grand. "It's wonderful working with him," said Harris. "I got to the set, and I was in the hall when I heard his voice, so I screamed out, 'Geeoooorgie!' and he screamed back, 'Momma!' That's what happens in the business. We don't see people often that we work with; we're ships that pass in the night, and we just pick up where we left off."

Saturday Night Live alum and Miss/Guided star Chris Parnell, who plays a math genius in the film, was the only cast member with no real interest in poker. Romano joked that Parnell was a "poker virgin," a sentiment that Parnell readily agrees with. "He's totally right. I played two to three times before we did our final table, and I read a poker book. But I've never been a big player, and I haven't played since the movie was over," said Parnell. "Any interest I had in it was completely squashed. It was abysmal, I hated it. Playing the final table against the other actors was so nerve-racking." - Clare Kleinedler

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