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Ray J has returned home after being hospitalized Monday morning in Las Vegas.

While originally admitted for exhaustion, doctors investigated a much more serious ailment.

As his rep explained to Us Weekly: "Ray J has been released from the hospital in Las Vegas and is back home in Los Angeles following an extensive battery of tests to make sure that he did not have a blood clot in his lungs, which is potentially a deadly condition that can occur following a long haul plane flight."

The singer was in town Sunday night to attend the Billboard Music Awards, which featured a tribute to his ex-girlfriend Whitney Houston.

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Ray J endured a 32-hour trip from China to U.S. in addition to four hours of driving to attend the ceremony.  After the show, Ray J hosted a launch party for his hair serum "Prince Reigns" at the Rio Hotel & Casino.According to TMZ

, Ray J was involved in a minor altercation with Whitney's family at the Billboard Music Awards over seating arrangements, but Ray J's rep said neither the incident nor any alcohol or substance abuse was a factor in the singer's hospitalization.While originally known for being Brandy's brother and Kim Kardashian's alleged sex tape co-star, Ray J has since starred in two VH1 reality shows.