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​Ray Donovan Mega Buzz: Will Hector Actually Throw the Fight?

Ray Donovan usually never backs down from a fight, but not this time

Malcolm Venable

As Season 4 of Ray Donovan comes to a close, Ray (Liev Schreiber) is once again trying to rid himself of the Feds and the Russians. And for the latter to happen, Hector (Cruz Cordova) has to make good on his promise to throw the big fight so that Ray can pay off his debt to the Russians. But will Hector actually go through with it?

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Here's a teaser: He might not have to. Thanks to a discovery by Mickey (Jon Voight), Ray ends up getting all the evidence he needs to nail the Russians, so his debt is no longer an issue. But whether that information reaches Hector in time remains to be seen. By the end of the episode, Hector makes a decision that'll give Ray an even bigger problem with which to deal.

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