Last night in televisionland:

- An encore of Monday's special Friday Night Lights outing drew 3.91 million total viewers. But were they new eyeballs, or confused folks hit with a feeling of déjà vu (and too lazy to grab the remote)? Discuss.
- Fox's Standoff was welcomed to its new 8 o'clock berth by just 4.92 million viewers, a full three mil fewer than were watching it prebaseball, at 9 pm. For what it's worth, House (14.08 mil) more than tripled its lead-in's meager audience. (Then again, it kinda had to, right?)
- With a Gilmore Girls repeat for a lead-in, Veronica Mars (2.77 mil, down 600K week-to-week) hit a season low.
- Help Me Help You (9.5 mil) took a 1.5 million viewer hit versus last week.