Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminator Sarah Connor Chronicles

How Friday's fare fared:

8 pm/ET
Ghost Whisperer topped the hour with 11.13 million total viewers, dipping nine percent week-to-week. But will li'l Min-Min ever be able to patch things up with Sam? Placing fourth behind Wife Swap (4.25 mil) and Howie Do It (4.1 mil), Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles short-circuited another 14 percent, slipping below the three mil mark. Poly-alloy endoskeleton or not, that's gotta hurt. 

9 pm
Flashpoint was No. 1 with 9.83 million viewers, up 660K. Siegfried & Roy worked magic for 20/20, which saw 8.4 mil tune in for a special outing. Friday Night Lights (3.82 mil, down 10 percent) edged out Dollhouse (3.55 mil), which dropped another 14 percent. 

10 pm
Numbers notched 10 mil (up 400K), followed by a regular 20/20 (7.6 mil) and Dateline (4.8 mil).