On this Tuesday night:

- Dancing with the Stars' 90-minute final dance-off was watched by a season-high 26.7 million total viewers.
- The just-picked-up Friday Night Lights (5.52 mil) slipped 750,000 heads.
- Gilmore Girls (4.44 million) and Veronica Mars (2.74 mil) each dropped about 100K, with 'Ron sinking to a new season low. Man, that Pizzes me off.
- CBS' 3 LBS debuted to an audience of 9.85 million - compared to time-slot predecessor Smith, which premiered to 11 mil. Just sayin'.
- And last but by no means least, while Law & Order: CI (9.06 mil) surged 1.3 mil in the 9 o'clock hour, lead-out SVU drew 14.67 million, its best numbers since May 2. (Hey, Raven, was it that good an eppy?)