Rob Morrow, Numb3rs Rob Morrow, Numb3rs

Which Friday shows got tricked, and which received treats? Let's assess the goodie bags.

8 pm/ET
Ghost Whisperer won the hour this week with 9.4 million total viewers, a 537K dip from last week's season high. (See our GW celeblog for insight on You Know, That Rumor.) Halloween really scared away the reality fans, with Deal or No Deal (five mil), 5th Grader (4.6 mil) and Wife Swap (3.6 mil) all posting percentage drops in the double digits. Similarly, the CW's family friendly Chris (1.26 mil) and The Game (1.24 mil) each sank 30 percent.

9 pm
CBS looked Ex-tremely smart, as an NCIS repeat not only doubled The Ex List's last audience, but also topped the hour in viewers, with 11.2 million. Lyrics (4.56 mil) and Supernanny (4.2 mil) both were down 17 percent, while NBC's Crusoe (4.17 mil) saw 30 percent of its audience wash away.

10 pm
Thanks to the stronger lead-in, Numbers delivered 10.62 mil, a 17 percent improvement upon last week's season high. Trailing 20/20 (6.9 mil), newly relocated Lipstick Jungle (3.18 mil) kissed off 35 percent of its final Wednesday audience.