This Wednesday in the wild world of ratings:

- NBC's 30 Rock (5.85 million total viewers) lost 29 percent of its premiere audience. Lead-out Twenty Good Years (5.1 mil) was also down two million.
- CBS' Criminal Minds finally edged past Lost, 16. 103 million viewers to 16. 072 mil (a margin of victory about equal to the number of guys Lindsay Lohan has fooled around with). Desmond, Nikki, Paolo and the gang still rule the 18-49 demo, however. UPDATE: The final ratings are in, and hanging chad and behold, Lost actually bested Minds in total viewers. At final count, the CBS drama had 16.203 million, 103,000 fewer than Lost.
- One Tree Hill (2.95 million) hit a season low, now down 700,000 from its Sept. 27 premiere.
- ABC's The Nine (8.59 million) held its ground versus last week, but is still down 2 million-plus from its premiere and continues to suffer from serious second-half tune-out. (1.7 mil changed channels at 10:30.)

The moral of the above stories: don't put a number in your show's title.