<I>Life</i> Life

Wednesday's ratings rundown:

8 pm/ET
Lie to Me topped the hour with an audience of 8.42 million total viewers, down 560K week-to-week. CBS' Old Christine and Gary Unmarried combined for second, both delivering 7.3 mil.

ABC's sitcoms, meanwhile, lagged behind a Law & Order repeat, with Scrubs managing 4.67 mil (down 335K) and Better Off Ted drawing 4.2 mil (down 500 thou). Top Model tallied 3.7 mil, dipping 250K.

9 pm
American Idol ruled with 22.43 million viewers, slipping 5 percent week-to-week. Criminal Minds followed with 13.25 mil, dropping 750 thou. Lost lost 12 percent of its last audience, hitting 8.3 mil.

NBC's Life wrapped up its sophomore run with an audience of 4.5 mil, plunging 19 percent. Will Life go on? Although it might seem unlikely, there is talk of struggling NBC picking up "mini" seasons of a few on-the-bubble series. Stay tuned.

10 pm
CSI: NY was No. 1 with 12.5 mil, followed by the premiere of ABC's The Unusuals, which copped 6.84 million viewers. As a benchmark of sorts, Life on Mars' first après-Lost outing grabbed 300K fewer heads than that.