Wednesday's Dancing with the Stars results show won the 8 o'clock hour with an audience of 14.9 million, followed by the debut of CBS' Jericho (11.4 mil), Bones (7.4 mil), and the season premieres of The Biggest Loser (6.4 mil in its first hour) and America's Next Top Model (christening the CW with 4.9 mil).

At 9 pm Criminal Minds led with 15.6 million viewers, followed by the first of two Grey's Anatomy repeats (10.6 mil) and Loser's back end (7.9 mil). In fifth, behind Top Model's second hour, Justice drew 5.6 million, down almost two mil from the previous week.

CSI: NY premiered at 10 pm to 15.9 million viewers, trailed by no, not the debut of NBC's Kidnapped, but the second Grey's encore (10.5 mil). With a sampling audience of 7.5 million, Kidnapped bowed in third.