Wow, a lot of people were watching television this Monday night: - Deal or No Deal, with an audience of 17.97 million total viewers, enjoyed not just a season high but also its second-biggest audience ever, behind the June 5 first-season finale. -

Prison Break (9.15 mil) had its best outing since Sept. 18. - Up 800,000 heads from last week, The Class (8.5 mil) earned its best grades since Oct. 16. - Heroes set a new series high, with 15.01 million viewers, coming within a mil of comedy warhorse Two and a Half Men. - A repeat of House drew 9.25 mil. That's 3.4 mil more than the number of people who checked out the last fresh outing of Justice. - CSI: Miami's based-on-a- LaRue-story episode (18.43 mil) was its season's best. - Studio 60 (7.79 million) had its best showing since Oct. 9. Playing the role of Debbie Downer in this ratings recap is What About Brian, which celebrated its full-season pickup by drawing its smallest audience of the season - 5.59 million. I'm just the messenger, J.J.