This Thursday's ratings recap:

8 pm/ET
The actual regaled audience for CBS' Bob Barker tribute was... 14.33 million total viewers! - plenty enough to outbid the season finales of Ugly Betty (bouncing back from last week's series low with 10.39 mil) and The Office (7.89 mil for the hour). Smallville's season-ender drew a hair over four mil, a rise of 650K.

9 pm
In the season's final face-off between Thursday's powerhouses, both Grey's (21.53 mil) and CSI (20.2 mil) rebounded from last week's nadirs, surging 2.4 and 1.6 mil, respectively. Those mighty gains came at a cost, seemingly, for Supernatural, which dipped 110 thou to end Season 2 with a low of 2.74 mil.

10 pm
ER's season finale (9.37 mil) was trounced by a CSI repeat, but bested the back half of ABC's Lost: The Answers special.