This Monday, as Dancing with the Stars (18.65 million total viewers) topped the night with typical numbers....

8 pm/ET
Fox's Drive (5.64 mil) marked its regular time slot debut by dropping off another 410,000 passengers.

9 pm
Trailing Two and a Half Men (12.98 mil, -400K) and King of Queens (12.3 mil, down a mil), 24 (11.15 mil) dipped a bit, while Thank God You're Here (6.98 mil) hardly "improv'd" [ giggle] week-to-week, plunging 2.5 mil.

10 pm
CSI: Miami (15.18 mil, -760 thou) and The Bachelor (8.62 mil, -600K) each slipped, while Dateline's Virginia Tech special drew 6.44 mil.