Has <I>Dollhouse</i> closed its doors for good? Has Dollhouse closed its doors for good?

How Friday's fare fared:

8 pm/ET
Ghost Whisperer topped the hour with 9.35 million total viewers, dipping 320K week-to-week. (Next week: Season finale!) Prison Break trailed ABC's Happy Feet to claimed third with 3.03 mil, down 5 percent. (Next week: Series finale!)

9 pm
Flashpoint was first with 8.64 million viewers, down 10 percent. Finishing fourth, Dollhouse dropped 11 percent to wrap up its first (only?) season with a series-low audience of 2.76 mil.

10 pm
Numbers was the night's most watched program, adding up 9.52 mil. (Next week: Season finale!)

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