Dancing with the Stars' 90-minute dance-off was up 1.7 million this week, giving the Tuesdays-at-8 champ an audience of 20 mil. NCIS (15.55 mil) placed second in the 8 pm hour, followed by Fox's baseball coverage (7.8 mil), which bested the

awesome (and thus ratings-deprived) Friday Night Lights (6.3 mil, down 900,000 from its premiere). At 9, The Unit drew 13 million to Law & Order: CI's 11.3, while Help Me Help You held steady at 8:30 with 10.3 mil. Veronica Mars slipped 300 thou from last week's season-opener, to an even 3 mil. CBS, which looked smart earlier this week with its relocation of The Class, saw its other major move pay off as a repeat of CSI (10.03 million) improved upon the shelved Smith by 1.6 mil viewers, landing the Eye within spitting distance of ABC's Boston Legal (10.12 mil) and its increasingly annoying camerawork. Topping the 10 o'clock hour, of course, was Law & Order: SVU (13.75 mil).