Catching up on the ratings from the past two nights...


- Friday Night Lights (5.74 million total viewers, down 700K) and Standoff (5.05 million, down 1.4 mil) both had their worst outings since Nov. 14.
- Big Day (4.9 mil) and the since-sidelined Help Me Help You (3.5 mil) each lost about a million and a half viewers, with the latter dropping a full third of its previous week's audience.
- House (16.1 mil) had its best numbers since the season opener, while The Unit (13.47 mil) claimed a season high.


- Averaging 11.71 million in its first hour, The Biggest Loser finale was the 8 o'clock champ, besting a King of Queens double-header (averaging 9.1 mil, down 750,000) and Bones (8.62 mil).
- At 9, Criminal Minds (16.17 mil, down 1.8 mil) was the winner over Loser, while Day Break sank another half mil, to 3.98 mil - a number that would have been beaten by One Tree Hill if the CW show weren't MIA.
- Medium (9.92 million, surging 1.34 mil) hit a season high.