Michelle and Barack Obama with Steve Kroft, <I>60 Minutes</i> Michelle and Barack Obama with Steve Kroft, 60 Minutes

This Sunday's ratings highlights:

• Leading out of CBS' late-running Chargers-Steelers game coverage, Steve Kroft's sit-down with president-elect Barack Obama and his wife, Michelle, gave 60 Minutes its largest audience since at least 1999 — 24.5 million total viewers. That number could swell once the markets which broke in at 8 pm/ET with The Amazing Race are factored out.

• NBC won the night with its coverage of the Cowboys-'Skins game, which averaged 17 mil.

• CBS placed second for the night with Amazing Race (12.25 million), Cold Case (12 mil) and The Unit (9.8 mil).

• While ABC's Desperate Housewives (16.5 mi) enjoyed a week-to-week gain of 840 thou, Extreme Makeover (10.2 million viewers) and Brothers & Sisters (10.07 mil) each dipped.

• Fox's The Simpsons (8.52 mil, +360K), King of the Hill (seven mil, +250K) and American Dad (6.78 mil, +170K) all saw increases, while Family Guy held steady at 8.52 mil.