This Wednesday, as Fox took a knee with rained-out World Series coverage....

" Dancing with the Stars' results show set a new season high with 19.85 million total viewers.
" Soon-to-be-relocated 30 Rock (6 million) anted up 150,000 more viewers versus last week, while the soon-to-be-MIA Twenty Good Years (5.4 mil) surged 400K.
" Per the fast overnights, Lost (16.795 mil) again edged out Criminal Minds (16.589 mil).
" One Tree Hill (3.57 mil) bounced back from last week's season low by reclaiming 600,000 heads.
" The Nine (8.02 mil) shed another half-mil, thanks in no small part to two million-plus peeps again tuning out at 10:30 pm. Dateline seized the opportunity to claim the hour's No. 2 spot with an audience of 8.68 million.

QUESTION for those who watch (or have tried to watch) The Nine: Why do you think so many are tuning out halfway through each episode? The same nine million-plus seem to check in each week, but then... whammo. Mass exodus. Like clockwork. Please discuss in the comments section.