While most 9-year-olds just watch movies and TV shows, pint-sized Long Islander Raquel Castro works in them. After smaller gigs in Sesame Street and Third Watch, she got her big break playing the offspring of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in Jersey Girl (opening Friday). Thanks to her Bennifer connection, the energetic kid has begun fantasizing about life as a celebrity.

"I'm hoping that, after this movie, people will realize who I am," she giddily says, "because I like signing autographs. I want to be able to go to the mall and McDonald's and everything, but I want to sign autographs because it looks pretty cool."

The fourth-grader has been diligently practicing, just in case adoring fans start asking for her John Hancock. "I can write in cursive," she declares proudly. "I learned how when I was in third grade. [My signature] is not like people usually do it. I do it nice and you can understand it. But I want to learn how to [sign my name] fast, like Ben does."

Sounds like someone's a bit in awe of her on-screen dad. In fact, she's already dreaming up their next big-screen venture together. "I want to do Paycheck 2," she says, so long as it wouldn't involve any icky boy germs. "I don't like romantic movies, because that's gross. But I like action movies and comedy movies and drama movies."

And though she enjoys being an actress and a singer, the ambitious tyke doesn't like to limit herself. "If I have time," she says, "I also want to be a lawyer, a doctor or a teacher."