Randy Travis Randy Travis

Randy Travis was cited for simple assault and taken to the hospital early Friday morning after an altercation in a church parking lot in Texas, TMZ reports.

According to the report, the country singer intervened in a "family argument" between a husband and wife. However, officials said they believe Travis was the primary aggressor in the incident. There was also another man involved in the fight who wasn't the husband.

Randy Travis completely naked when arrested on suspicion of DWI

Law enforcement arrived on the scene around 1 a.m. where they discovered an "extremely intoxicated" Travis, who was then taken to the hospital. No injuries have been reported.

Earlier this month, Travis, who has battled alcoholism for years, was arrested for a DWI after being discovered naked at the scene of a car crash. In February, the singer was also arrested for public intoxication in a separate church parking lot.