Raising Sextuplets Raising Sextuplets

Bryan and Jenny Masche vow their new show on WE TV, Raising Sextuplets — and their marriage — will not come under fire like Jon and Kate Gosselin. If anything, the Masches say Jon & Kate Plus 8 will be their guideline for what not to do.

"I'm like, 'Oh my gosh, that's scary. How can we protect our family and do this and have fun without anything negative happening?' I think we're both wise enough to learn from those mistakes [of the Gosselins], instead of thinking, 'Well, that would never happen to us," Jenny told New York's Daily News.

Sextuplets follows the Masches and their sextuplets, who turn 2 on Thursday, the day of the premiere. The couple has "ground rules" for themselves and the show, which films the Lake Havasu City, Ariz., family five days a month. The Masches will end the series — spawned from a 2007 special — if a family member wants to quit. Jenny, a physician's assistant in an ER, and Bryan, a pharmaceutical salesman, are also determined not to treat the series as a means of getting a paycheck.

"[Jon & Kate Plus 8] has really changed who those people are. It went from being a show about people who have sextuplets and twins to a show about people who have a show. Neither of them even work anymore," Bryan said.

Fellow reality-TV mom Tori Spelling agrees that Jon & Kate isn't quite the show it once was. The actress, who co-stars with her clan on Home Sweet Hollywood, told Extra that Jon & Kate has gone to "an odd place" amid all the media reports and scrutiny about the couple's rocky marriage. The latest Us Weekly reports that Jon cheated on Kate on her birthday.

"I loved the fact that they were a normal family; they weren't in Hollywood," Spelling said. "It's hard for me now to see them on the cover of People magazine... I hope they're prepared for what they are going through and just know that this too shall pass. ... Good luck to them."

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