Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward Lucas Neff and Shannon Woodward

Ever since Jimmy (Lucas Neff) first met Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) behind the check stand on Raising Hope, the new father has regarded the object of his affection as close to perfect. But around the Chance family, that won't hold true for long.

"The truth is that nobody can stay on a pedestal too long with [creator] Greg Garcia writing their character," Woodward tells "Sabrina's idiosyncrasies and ridiculousness will start showing their teeth soon. She's just as kooky as the rest of them, just in a completely different way."

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Viewers will see Sabrina's less flattering side on Tuesday's Halloween episode, when she takes Jimmy as her date to a Halloween party and has a few too many to drink. Although Jimmy (the Batman to her Robin) may have to hold back her hair, Woodward says the episode will feature some nice moments for the will-they-or-won't-they couple.

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"He has this amazingly earnest quality. He really cares and he sees things very positively and that's a really attractive quality to ladies," Woodward says of Sabrina's attraction to Jimmy. "He's naïve, but he's not stupid."

However, there's still the problem of Sabrina's oft-mentioned, rarely seen boyfriend, Wyatt, who makes his first appearance Tuesday. Woodward is unsure of how long producers will work to keep Jimmy and Sabrina apart, but says she's just enjoying her scenes with Neff.

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"It's kind of three steps forward, two steps back, which gives them plenty of time to extend the will-they-or-won't-they situation," she says. "They're certainly dragging it out, but in a fun way. The dynamic between them develops into something that's so fun and sweet and whether that ends up as going on as friendship for awhile or becomes a relationship, I don't have a preference."

For now, Woodward says she's just enjoying the success of the freshman sitcom, which was picked up for a full season earlier this month.

"It's such a blessing working on a show where they understand comedy so well. It's such a great learning experience," Woodward says. "It's a great job."

Raising Hope airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on Fox.