Oprah Winfrey, Rae Dawn Chong Oprah Winfrey, Rae Dawn Chong

Rae Dawn Chong, who co-starred with Oprah Winfrey in The Color Purple, has blasted the talk show queen, calling her "vile" and comparing her to a slave.

During a recent interview with Matty P's Radio Happy Hour, Chong said Winfrey was "lovely" to her on the set of The Color Purple, but things changed after Chong made Commando.

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"I starred in Commando. And she just wasn't having me. She's competitive. She didn't like me. She just wasn't having me," Chong said in the audio clip obtained by

TMZ. The actress then attacked Winfrey's looks, invoking slave imagery. "If you look at the way [Winfrey] looks, she looks like 60 years ago she would have been a housekeeper luckily. She would have not been a house n-----; she would have been a field n-----," Chong said.Chong added that even though Winfrey has "all the power in the world ... she only wants something that is only chemical, purely impossible": to be beautiful. The actress also included a barely veiled backhanded compliment, saying, "The thing that's really great about Oprah that you can't take away from her is that she's a great brown-noser."Listen to the interview below. [WARNING: Contains offensive language.]