Brad Goreski, The Rachel Zoe Project Brad Goreski, The Rachel Zoe Project

During the Season 3 premiere of The Rachel Zoe Project, Taylor Jacobson was fired by — or left, depending on who you believe — Rachel Zoe. In her wake, adorable, formerly bowtie-clad assistant Brad Goreski was promoted to style director and immediately handed a major Harper's Bazaar cover shoot with Demi Moore, a giraffe and some armadillo shoes. As you can see, he handled it masterfully.

Goreski talked to about life without Jacobson, and what — or who — the new source of drama is this season. Have you talked to Taylor?
Goreski: I haven't spoken to Taylor since she was fired. What happened? When we spoke a year ago, you guys had become friends.
Gorseki: You know, she got quickly removed from the company. It was difficult at first because I lost my partner and co-worker. And it was really strange in the beginning, then obviously all of the responsibility came on me immediately because we needed to keep moving forward. She's on her path, and I'm on mine.

Exclusive: Taylor Jacobson: "I don't know anyone who hasn't been supposedly fired by Rachel Zoe" Have you tried reaching out, or is it too weird?
Goreski: No, there was no real need to, you know what I mean? I'm still an employee of Rachel, and I have to keep Rachel's best interests at heart. Taylor had her whole thing to figure out. Hopefully she's doing well. What did you think of the Season 3 premiere?
Goreski: Well, now everyone gets to see what we work with. I think this season, more than any other season, everyone gets to see us hands-on, at work with the clients, see Rachel's relationships with them, see that it's a lot of hard work. It's also a lot of fun, and there are a lot of laughs. We do super weird things, like have a giraffe, and Demi Moore in Alexander McQueen suspended on a spiral staircase... I love it when Rachel goes, "I don't even know where we are," and I'm like, "You're on the beach in Malibu. It's actually a really familiar place in greater Los Angeles, Rachel." What was your reaction when you were promoted, following Taylor's exit?
Goreski: I was excited because I had been working really, really hard. I think I saw it as a good opportunity because Taylor was a very strong personality and she was Rachel's right hand for so long. Over the past eight months, I've now had the opportunity to show clients that we work with that I'm, like, a really great assistant and I'm really good at my job. Having the environment in the office clear out a little bit, and having the dust settle has also been good because, you know, it was no mystery that Taylor was unhappy. It's public knowledge. So once that kind of energy is gone, other people are allowed to blossom, and that's just the nature of working in this business, or in any business. People come and people go, and things happen, and people move on and other people have opportunities to shine. It's just life.

Brad and Rachel's Zoe-Called Life How has the environment changed?
Goreski: It's just a little more breathable. There's not so much tension in the office. That's not me saying Taylor was the cause of all that, because there's a lot of tension anyway, but when there are people who are unhappy in their jobs and people who are happy, it can sometimes make things a little difficult. So you're saying there's less drama on the show now?
Goreski: No! So much drama between Rachel and [her husband] Rodger this year. Get ready for your mind to be blown. So Rodger is the new Taylor?
Goreski: Even the stuff I was seeing, it was like, "Holy... What is going on here?" You saw at the end of  the last season he had come on as the head of the company — obviously, Rachel is still his boss, and she makes that known. But he has a much more active role in her business, which is a good thing, but there is so much drama between the two of them. And then things may or may not get intense between Rachel and myself at points. Sometimes we don't see eye to eye this season. I think it's actually good for people to see.

Rachel Zoe: Eating disorder claims are "silly" How so?
Goreski: I think a lot of the time people look at me as the guy who follows Rachel around and helps her get dressed for things, helps her pick dresses. I actually have my own voice, my own opinions, my own point of view, my own way of doing things. Is Rachel still as angry about Taylor as she seemed to be in the premiere?
Gorseki: Well, that was as it was happening. But she's over it now. It takes time. It would take time for anyone. It took time for me too to come into the studio and just have me there. Jordan started taking more of a leadership role and started excelling, and that's nice to see. I've done my best to make sure that I've been able to teach her, and you see that this season as well. Are you and Rachel still good?
Goreski: Great, fantastic. I'm still working with Rachel. Everything's good. I just finished touring around for the Knight and Day tour. It was a blast. It's so busy. Now, I definitely don't sleep.