Welcome to Nashville, bitch! The O.C. alums Rachel Bilson and Chris Carmack reunited on the set of Nashville Monday.

Bilson captioned the nostalgic shot with an updated take on Carmack's famous line as Luke from the O.C. pilot: "Welcome to Nashville B****.....this is how it's done in Tennessee."

After it was announced that Bilson would be joining Nashville along with Empire's Kaitlin Doubleday for the back half of Season 5, Carmack expressed his excitement at reuniting with the woman who brought Summer Roberts to life on Twitter. "Can't wait to work with Rachel again... it's been a while! 'Welcome to Nashville....... Darlin'!'

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Details surrounding Bilson's role on Nashville are scare, and fans will have to wait a while to learn exactly how she factors into the CMT drama going forward. Nashville is going on an extended hiatus and won't return with new episodes until later this year.