After two weeks of non-Philimination legs, fans of CBS's The Amazing Race (Tuesdays at 10 pm/ET) were getting antsy. TAR got back to business last week, though, sending twin siblings Kami and Karli home. (If only these two raced as fast as they finish each other's sentences!) The laid-back Oregonians seem to be taking the loss in stride. Here, they analyze their racing skills and dish a very revealing moment you didn't see on TV!

TV Guide Online: Your team's strength was more physical than strategic.
I think we were one of the strongest teams physically; I'd rank us an eight or nine. We held up despite our lack of sleep and the stress overload. And mentally, I think we stayed pretty positive. Strategically, I don't think we did very well. You could call us obsessive-compulsive; we have a problem with letting something go. For example, during the first leg, we missed a clue and did things out of order. We were so afraid that we were going to do that again and be penalized that we followed the directions to a T. I think that hindered our performance a little. We were so focused on doing everything right that we...
Kami: ...didn't want to break the rules. That's how we are in life. We weren't putting on an act; what you saw is what you got. Well, editing had something to do with the context of things. They didn't show some of the things that Karli and I wish they would have shown. It would have been nice to see us being the tough girls that we thought we were and are.

TVGO: What else didn't come across on the show?
Our feistiness, definitely. We're not these one-dimensional, clueless women. We know what's going on, we're sassy and aggressive and we like to have a good time. But we weren't portrayed that way because it didn't fit. It's not what people want to see. It was always "Here come the twins," never "Here come Kami and Karli." I think it's too bad when people don't take the time to get to know each other as individuals.

TVGO: You really got along with the bowling moms, Linda and Karen.
One of the reasons we loved the moms is that we were in such a stressful atmosphere, but then you look at Linda and Karen and see them smiling and laughing. It was very encouraging. It made me feel like I was at home and surrounded by friends and family, and I needed that.
Karli: They kept reminding us that we needed to take care of ourselves. They kept saying, "You girls need to eat and you have to stop being nice to everybody. You need to get mean!" And we were like, "Okay."

TVGO: That's kind of ironic, considering you didn't pull over to help when their car broke down in Africa.
That's the one regret we have. But we had nothing left to offer them. They had the hood of their car propped up. I can help change a tire, but we're not mechanics; there's nothing we can do as far as an engine. We apologized to them afterward because we felt so bad.

TVGO: Your relationship with Chip and Kim was strained as well.
It was bad after the taxi incident in Argentina. We know that Chip did what he thought he had to do, but after that incident, we decided to stay clear of them and focus on ourselves. We did feel like he was taunting us at first and we sort of ignored that. But when they told us where the clue box was in Cairo, we thought, "Maybe they're not that bad. Maybe Chip really does feel guilty." That act of kindness and not yielding us last night [balances out] the taxi.

TVGO: Was it difficult having to go around Dubai asking for money?
On the airplane, Kami and I were each sitting next to this gentleman who was writing with a Mont Blanc pen. I thought, "Oh my God, he has money." I told Kami to ask him for money and she said, "No, I can't." It was a humbling experience. I do not like to ask for money. People earn this money.
Kami: Prior to this, we knew that other teams were asking people for money just to have extra cash, and Karli and I were disgusted. We were like, "You don't need extra money."
Karli: That goes back to people really just playing the game. Kami and I couldn't do it.
Kami: We weren't willing to ask people for more, even if it was just a dollar. It was principle.
Karli: But anyway, this gentleman gave us a $100 bill. Just like that. We cried. It was so nice of him.
Kami: Right then and there, we decided "We're not asking anyone else for money."

TVGO: What would you do differently if you ran the race over?
I would definitely redefine my strategy. I would strengthen it and take more time for myself. Our bodies told us so many times, "Eat, eat, eat," and we were so stressed that we just sort of ignored it.
Kami: If you don't take care of your mind and your body...
Karli:'re not going to get far, and that's why I think we left the game. Fatigue just set in and took over. I remember at one point we were so hungry and I sort of lost it in an airport. Kami was begging me to eat, so we went to McDonald's and split [an order of] small fries.
Kami: We were being so tight with our money. And ketchup didn't even come with the fries. You had to pay extra. Luckily, the guy next to us heard us and gave us his ketchup.

TVGO: Was there a scene we didn't see that you wish had made the final cut?
I was carrying that slab of meat in Argentina and when you're carrying it, you really can't do anything. You're just holding on to it and praying it won't fall. So I kind of look down and I see that my top is down. This meat is up against my naked flesh, just sitting there. It was a sight to see. Here comes one of the blond twins down the street with a slab of beef and a boob just hanging out! And I'm screaming, "Karli, my boob, my boob! Shove it back in!" And Karli is trying to tuck my boob back in and the cameras are rolling. It was hysterical.
Karli: Maybe if it had been Nicole or someone that actually has big boobs, it might have made the show.
Kami: Yeah, I don't think they had a lens that could zoom in that close.