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Quiz: What Would Your Fate Be in Stranger Things?

Would you be smart enough to survive?

Amanda Bell

Stranger Things might be treading some very familiar territory in its third season, but the new Flesh Monster raised the stakes and took quite a toll on the population number in Hawkins this year. The icky, body-sucking blob was responsible for most of Season 3's massive body count and proved that there are plenty of terrible ways to go when toe-to-toe with the Upside Down (some grosser than others).

Between that hideous new addition and the monsters we knew before -- like the demogorgon, demodogs, and all the power-hungry people lurking around town -- there are now a ton of threats looming large over the good folks of this sleepy little town, whether they know it or not.

If you've ever been curious about how you might fare in this fight with any or all of the above, we've put together a little quiz to test your instincts for survival (and what type of baddie you're most likely to get taken down by, if any). Okay, okay, so it is a bit morbid. But you know you want to know, so take our crazy quiz below to find out what would happen to you if you ever stepped foot into the world of Stranger Things.