Finola Hughes, <EM>How Do I Look?</EM> Finola Hughes, How Do I Look?

Fear not, fashion disasters! Finola Hughes is intent on making the world a prettier place one wardrobe at a time as the host of Style Network's upbeat makeover series How Do I Look? (new episodes air Monday at 9 pm/ET). Here, host and sartorial stunner Finola Hughes reveals her secret for keeping her composure, and admits to some of her own style missteps.

TV Guide: How do you keep a straight face with Look's pre-makeover messes?
Well, I take a deep breath. [Laughs] I think every person who comes on has a tremendous desire to change. Once we show them where their [errors] come from, it sort of liberates them in a way.

TV Guide: After seven seasons, who's tougher to fix — men or women?
Oh, the guys are pushovers! They're just happy if they look showered. [Laughs]

TV Guide: Is there anything in your wardrobe that you're ashamed of?
Definitely! I don't wear them, but I keep them in a box. All I can say is that they contain spandex and shiny material.

TV Guide: Did you know at the time that Staying Alive would be such a hoot?
We were shooting [director] Sly Stallone's little nod to Hitchcock where Sly bumps into Tony Manero [John Travolta] walking down the street... and he's wearing a full-on yeti fur coat! I was fresh out of punk London at the time and thought, "Huh, this is pretty camp." [Laughs] But I never thought it would be the sort of guilty pleasure it is now.

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