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Smallville returns Friday with an explosive season premiere (Friday, Sept. 25, 8/7c, CW). Clark has taken one step closer to becoming the Man of Steel, but it comes at a price. Meanwhile, Lois has been missing for three weeks, and Chloe has turned into a gun-toting widow. And then there's Zod. Are you ready to kneel before him? We asked Smallville fans to send their burning questions via Twitter. Here's just a sampling of answers to whet your appetite before the premiere:

When does it start (Smallville Season 9)? — @QuoyaE
See above. OK, that was too easy. How about this? Pay attention to the new and improved opening credits. Not only are there scenes from the previous eight years flashing through, there are also a few glimpses at the new season.

Is there any reason at all for Chloe fans to watch? — @wingster55
Yes, there is every reason for Chloe fans to watch! As a longtime Smallville fan, I can tell you that the direction of Chloe and Clark's relationship is a little heartbreaking, but representative of the fact that Superman doesn't have any friends! Chloe is actually the one to push Clark in that direction even further.

Is this Clark for real? Spoilers make him out to be the anti-Superman and not anything like a hero. — @littlevera01
He's definitely saving people, but he has a knack for letting his presence be known. In particular, he leaves the mark of El, better known as the iconic Superman S, as a calling card. Also of note, Clark is much stronger than ever before, thanks to leaving his human instincts behind in the dust. Too bad one particular relationship is keeping him grounded, literally.

Will Lois and Clark have more than a phone relationship? Maybe meet face to face, even if it's just in the shadows? — @StacySchlicht
They will meet face to face soon. Let's just emphasize that shadows can be very, very dark. Their phone relationship does develop a lot more though. Lois even takes to calling herself the Blur's sidekick, but she'll definitely bite off more than she can chew on a mission for the Blur.

What exactly is going on in this future Lois sees? — @hoppipolla_girl
Do not blink in the last few seconds of the premiere. Actually don't blink at all whenever Lois lays her head on a pillow. In case you do, here are a few things you'll miss: a hot and steamy love scene, an unlikely someone kneeling before Zod, one main character digging a grave and another looking pretty dead. Ruh-roh.

Any info on Chloe, Zod, Tess and Oliver would be great. We have a lot of Clark and Lois, but not the others. — @Smallville_MS
Glad you asked that. Tess is being held hostage by Zod, but knowing her she has a plan up her sleeve. Oliver is back to his downward spiraling ways. The season premiere finds him in an underground fight club, grappling with the fact that Clark's become a shiny superhero.

I want Clark to become Superman, but I don't want the others characters destroyed in the process. Any hope for Zod? — @Marie316
Hope for Zod? You're actually hoping for Zod? Kneel before Zod, Zod? Ah yes, kneeling before Zod is a very powerful thing, too bad the first time Zod says it, he's the one who ends up on the ground. Also, the Kandorians aren't affected by the yellow sun like Clark is, at least they aren't for now. Why are they there? They don't even know yet, but Zod's searching for something on Earth, it's just not what you think.

Will Lois and Tess go head to head much this year? Erica and Cassidy are a lot of fun together! — @BeccaCabell
They don't quite finish the fight from the Season 8 finale, though the offer is on the table. Blackmail does come in handy, though. The question is: Who's blackmailing whom?

Will there be more screen time this season for John Jones and Dr. Emil Hamilton? — @srellabr
Dr. Hamilton is definitely stepping it up in the screen time department. He helps two of the supes in their quest to keep the streets of Metropolis clean. Did someone say bomb? Hmm, thought I heard that.

Bonus Question:
If Clark is off playing Batman, does that mean he'll have to win back his Daily Planet job? — @BPOX
Clark will be back working at the Dailey Planet before you know it.

Now that you've got the scoop, why don't you hit the comments and discuss all things Smallville?

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