Question: I was wondering what the name of the ER-type show that was on NBC (I think) in the early to mid-'80s was. I believe it starred someone like Lou Ferrigno. Any ideas? My wife and I have been trying to think of the name for a week and a half now. Thank you. — Jacob

Televisionary: I'm betting poor James Naughton, the "real" star of NBC's Trauma Center, would be crushed to hear that, Jacob.

You see, Naughton (TV's Planet of the Apes, Faraday and Company, The Cosby Mysteries) was billed as the lead in the drama, which ran for a couple of months beginning in September 1983. He played Dr. Michael "Cutter" Royce (I don't know about you, but that particular handle would keep me moving down the preferred provider list), who worked at McKee Hospital Trauma Center.

Joining the good doctor in the nifty monicker department were Dr. Nate "Skate" Baylor (Dorian Harewood) and Dr. "Beaver" Bouvier (Bill Randolph). Just Shoot Me's Wendie Malick settled for a character with the plain-Jane name of Dr. Brigitte Blaine, while head nurse Amy Decker (Eileen Heckart) and Nurse Hooter (Jayne Modean), who probably spent every episode thanking the Fates she dodged a nickname, rounded out the hospital staff.

Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) played ambulance driver John Six, who partnered with Sidney "Hatter" Pacelli (Alfie Wise) — no relation to Nurse Hooter. Buck Williams (Jack Bannon) flew the helicopter, and I'm fairly certain Buck was his real name.