Question: Was there a TV show in the '80s called Voyagers that had something to do with time travel? — Marcus K., St. Charles, Mich.

Televisionary: That there was, Marcus, though not for all that long. (It ran for less than a year on NBC beginning in October 1982.)

The educational show featured late Cover Up co-star Jon-Erik Hexum as bumbling voyager Phineas Bogg, a former 17th-century pirate who worked as a time overseer, hopping across the past in his Omni device, making sure major events occurred as they were supposed to and preserving history's integrity. Twelve-year-old Jeffrey (Meeno Peluce) went along for the ride as an invaluable helper because he knew more about the past than Bogg did. (In the first episode, Jeffrey's dog made off with Bogg's guidebook so the kid had to fill in the gaps in Bogg's knowledge, which greatly outnumbered the things he did know.)

Sound a lot like Cartoon Network's Time Squad? Yeah, I think so, too, even though I like that show.