Question: I remember a weekly series that used to come on, I think, in the late '70s. I think the name of it might have been The Class of '55. It would show a yearbook being opened, and it had different stories each week. I especially remember one where this young man, I think, was crippled and I remember he sang a song at the end and I think it was The Beatles' "Yesterday." I also think the actor might have been Richard Hatch, who played Dean in The Jan and Dean Story. Then again, I might be crazy. Do you have any info on this show? It doesn't seem like it lasted very long, but I remember I liked it. — TeriLyn

Televisionary: You're thinking of the here-and-gone anthology series Whatever Happened to the Class of '65, which ran on NBC from December 1977 to July 1978. Based on the book by Michael Medved and David Wallechinsky, the series tracked the lives of the 1965 graduates of the fictional Bret Hart High School and marked the 10 years since they picked up their diplomas. Richard Hatch did indeed star in one of the episodes, as did such notables as Jane Curtin (Saturday Night Live, Kate and Allie); Larry Hagman (I Dream of Jeannie, Dallas); Leslie Nielsen; Linda Purl (Happy Days) and Meredith Baxter-Birney (Family Ties).

The book, incidentally, was a compilation of real-life stories told to the authors by the '65 graduates of their alma-mater, Los Angeles's Palisades High School.