Question: I remember seeing a movie in the late '70s/early '80s in which the tenants of an apartment building are terrorized by a gang. I believe that Art Carney was the hero, who created some type of locking bracelets to trap the gang leader. Any idea of the movie title? — Lola, New York

Televisionary: Actually, that was Martin Balsam, Lola. He played a retiree whose apartment building's residents were terrorized by a young hoodlum (Dorian Harewood) and his pals until Balsam, as you say, crafted a pair of locking gauntlets in a machine shop and used them to weigh Harewood down long enough to be caught. The movie, Siege, aired on CBS in 1978, and this is one of those rare times when someone else takes me for a walk down Memory Lane. I watched its original broadcast, too, when I was a kid. Which just goes to show you that watching age-inappropriate, violent and scary content as a child doesn't screw you up that much.